Dual-SIM iPhone?


There’ve been rumors about Apple to release an iPhone that supports multiple SIM-cards. And finally, with the announcement of iPhone XS and later versions, this option became a reality.

While I was not seeking for multiple SIM-cards on my smartphone, there was one important reason: I did not want to depend on a given Mobile provider. With having a contract with any company, there is no flexibility. There is no easy way of switching to another plan with a different service provider. E.g., Verizon offers the same plan for N dollars cheaper than your current plan, but switching is a headache because you have to transfer the number, ensure that your smartphone is compatible, and so on. Yikes!

After some research, I decided to see if Google Hangouts (formerly Google Voice) can help me. The idea was to transfer my phone number to Google and stop depending on a single service provider. And, with the phone number in Google, the iPhone or any other smartphone you have, becomes nothing else, but a TCP transport via LTE / 5G to empower Hangouts.

It especially convenient during international trips because you can altogether ditch roaming and call US / Canada through your local number!

To start the process, log in to your Google account and follow the address https://voice.google.com. On the screenshot below, there is an existing phone number assigned to Hangouts. If you are starting from scratch, you have to click on the “Transfer” to proceed with moving your mobile number.

Generally speaking, the number can be transferred within 24 hours. In my case, it took only two hours to complete. However, during this time I was unable to use it neither for text messages or phone calls.

It is worth mentioning that Google takes a one-time fee of 20$. After that, the US and Canada phone calls and SMS are free of charge and not limited.

Hangouts on multiple devices (laptop, smartphone, iPad, etc.) almost eliminate the chances to miss the call. From now on, you can “pick up the phone” on any of your gadgets with Hangouts pre-installed. Give it a try 🙂