How to transfer passwords from Google Chrome to iCloud


It is not a secret that Safari does a much better job on Macs when it comes to power consumption. There’ve been plenty of articles about the hunger of Google Chrome to eat the battery way faster than the MacOS-native browser. While some people might be skeptical regarding keeping personal data in iCloud, with 2FA auth in place, it becomes a pretty secure and convenient way to auto-fill login credentials while surfing the web.

The process of data transfer from Chrome to Safari is straight-forward. Open the Safari browser and then click on “File” -> “Import From” -> “Google Chrome”

After that, you can choose what exactly you need to import.

After clicking the “Import” button the process of copying data shall begin. Once the process is done, make sure you have all settings saved in iCloud.

Open “System Settings”

And enable “Safari” and “Keychain” to sync the data across your devices: