More boost with Clear Linux. Is it the fastest distro for x86-64?


A few days ago web-resource Phoronix released performance test results of multiple Linux distributions sampled on Core i9 10990XE system.

Testing was conducted with builds of Clear Linux 33540 (newest at the time of the test), Clear Linux 31480 (late 2019), openSUSE Tumbleweed 20200727, Debian Buster Testing, Ubuntu 20.10 test build, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and Endeavor OS Rolling.

Software components include:

  • Linux kernel ver. 5.7
  • GCC compiler 10.2.1
  • Python 3.8.4
  • The BGQ I/O scheduler for SSD hard-drive
  • Gnome 3.36 desktop environment

The hardware specs of the machine being tested were as follows:

  • Intel Core i9-10980XE @ 4.60GHz (18 Cores / 36 Threads)
  • Logical board Gigabyte X299X DESIGNARE 10G (F1 BIOS)
  • Chipset ┬áIntel Sky Lake-E DMI3 Registers
  • Samsung SSD 970 PRO 512GB
  • Video accelerator AMD Radeon RX 64 8GB (1590/800MHz)

The testing aimed to find out the progress of Clear Linux development. In spring 2020, Intel, the creator of this distribution, announced that Clear Linux is becoming a system for server, cloud, and embedded systems, where speed and responsiveness are highly critical.

So far, promises to improve the performance of the distribution are fulfilled gradually. Thus, the boot time of the new version of Clear Linux has grown by 2.5 times as compared to the previous one.

In comparison with other systems, Clear Linux outperformed the competition in most of the tests, although not everywhere. Intel’s distribution came in first in 73 out of 136 tests. The authors of the project visualized the results.

Developers say that the high speed of the Clear Linux distribution is due to precise optimization for the x86-64 architecture.

The second and third places were taken by Ubuntu 20.10 and Debian Buster. Ubuntu is just 4% behind the leader.

More test results you can find in the final sample.