Google decreases Google Drive capacity for home users


Google will offer Drive users with unlimited G Suite storage for $ 12 a month to upgrade to Workspace for a minimum of $ 20. The former option will be retained only for companies with four or more employees.

G Suite BasicBusiness Starter30 GB
Business Standard2 TB
Business Plus5 TB
G Suite BusinessEducationEnterprise for EducationUnlimited storage
(1 TB if 4 or fewer users)
Legacy free edition of G SuiteIndividual personal accounts15 GB
EssentialsNo free storage quotas
Pooled storage limits

Now, solo and small group users will be provided with 1 TB of storage each on a G Suite Business plan. Workspace is limited to 2 TB for Business Standard and 5 TB for Business Plus. To get more, you need to upgrade to the Enterprise level, which requires you to work directly with your Google Sales Representative. For Enterprise, subscriptions are $ 20 and $ 30 for Enterprise Plus, nearly double the previous price for the same storage.

As a Google spokesman said, “A relatively small number of organizations in a few specific industries do realize the full benefits of unlimited storage.” Now, the company intends to “add value to features that will benefit more customers,” such as Meet recordings in Business Standard, while maintaining prices and large storage.

In the past, there have been several attempts to check if there is actually a limit for unlimited cloud storage. In 2017, the Reddit user beaston02 decided to check the Amazon storage capacity. He set himself the goal of uploading petabytes of video content (roughly 1 million GB) to the cloud. beaston02 recorded videos of webcam models from adult sites. It took almost six months to collect this amount of data. As a result, the user collected 1.8 petabytes or 23.4 years of HD-TV video.

Then other Reddit users took up the baton. Together, they uploaded 2 petabytes of data to Amazon Cloud and unlimited Google Drive. Videos were displayed in vaults.