Why Ubuntu is not the best Desktop distro?

Wanting to switch to Linux at home or work, people usually install Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, sometimes even Debian. And they vainly don’t try Manjaro Linux – in my opinion, this distribution is more convenient than […]


Dual-SIM iPhone?

There’ve been rumors about Apple to release an iPhone that supports multiple SIM-cards. And finally, with the announcement of iPhone XS and later versions, this option became a reality. While I was not seeking for […]


How to detect AdBlock

Ads can be annoying. And in most cases they are. However, Google AdSense is doing quite an impressive job with displaying relevant advertisements. As a webmaster, you might encounter a problem with low CTR (click-through-rate) […]


Ubuntu or Linux Mint?

These days the popularity of Debian-based distros is sky-scratching. While Ubuntu is an absolute king on desktop, Linux Mint is not far behind. Let’s talk about why people choose Mint over Ubuntu. Linux Mint Linux […]